Armor Sketching (wip)

Armor Sketching (wip)

Game by blackcatcreations

I think at the moment it's best to call it a "sketch"

Mostly it's about playing with the different pieces...a lot of which are meant to be armor.

Taking inspiration from different sources: history, sci-fi, fantasy, even modern touches. So it's not exactly any *one* of those things. Gonna tag it historical though since that's where the majority of things are based in.

Just a fun little thing to do, might be helpful for brainstorming

It's just something I can add to and elaborate on at a very easy pace without worrying too much unlike some other things that need way more planing, trouble-shooting, and time

It's a weird little game and that's fine

Tags: armor dress-up wip dress-up-game historical

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