The Ghost of Witherthorn - Horror Meiker

The Ghost of Witherthorn - Horror Meiker

Game by inquisirob

Happy Halloween everyone! This is my first time posting, but I really had fun creating this game! I hope I’ll be able to make some more!

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“It is told that the woods that surround the castle of Witherthorn are haunted by a ghost. There are many who claim to have seen it but, oddly enough, each one of them gives a different description: a weeping lady in mourning clothes, a bride looking for her lost groom, a veiled figure with an eerie smile, a shrieking banshee… these are only a few of the forms that the ghost took. Which one of them is the real one, you may ask, and does the ghost actually exist? Go into the woods when the night falls, good traveler, and see for yourself…”

Tags: horror ghost victorian tudor medieval rococo europe 19th-century dress-up-game historical high-fantasy

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