3D Anime Boy Maker【Halloween Update】

3D Anime Boy Maker【Halloween Update】

Game by v-ya

Semi-Realistic Anime Boy Avatar Maker

Make your own persona or husbando!

~(☆´∀`っ)っ【。:+:†+Тяiск оя Тяёат+†:+:゜】q(ゝε・★)~


Trigger Warning: Blood.

Please proceed with caution!

☆New Categories!

○ Hats (Eddy "Fred the Killer" Gruber's Nightmare Fedora)

○ Eye Glow (3 swatches)

○ Expressions (7 expressions, contains mild blood)

○ Horns (2 Designs)

○ Jacket & Jacket Collars (3 Jacket Designs & 4 Collar Designs)

☆Additional Updates:

○ 1 dark circles eyebags

○ 1 nose shade

○ 5 mouth fangs

○ 1 Anime Skull Jacket Decal

○ 1 Pixel Bats Necktie Pattern (11 swatches)

○ 5 Graphic Designs (neck bite, blood splatter, bloody handprint, ribcage skeleton, blood drip pattern 7 swatches)

○ 4 pastel color swatches for crew neck sweater

○ 1 distressed sweater (Frederick "Sharp Hand Joe" Cougar's Nightmare Sweater)

○ 1 BG (Winter Blood Lake)


Thank you to the following individuals for inspiration:

○ @Gateguard Kipali for pixel bats pattern

○ @dedevilish for Nightmare sweater

○ @joejoejoe for "Eddy Gruber"

○ @Kehteh for "Sharp Hand Joe"

○ @King Bob for "Fred the Killer"

○ @Fran for "Frederick Cougar"

○ @Fuu for Winter Blood Lake bg


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Personal & non-commercial use only.

Please credit & link if reposted publicly.

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