L'Acrobate - Meet Trickster

L'Acrobate - Meet Trickster

Game by iwasabird

The acrobat is here !

In the fantastical world of Oniria, (where lies creatures like Hermann and Sue, who were the ragdoll stars of the previous dress up game) meet Trickster, an ambiguous character whose nature is still a mystery. Are they made of silver, of fabric, of glass ? Nobody knows, but still, their performance always leave their audiance in awe. Where does their props come from ? Where goes the mouse after the show ? Nobody knows and Trickster, for sure, will never tell.

Trickster is an OC created by Iwas.a.bird.

My account is currently on hiatus, but feel free to come take a look ! I'd be delighted to have you here ! :)


Tags: clowncore clown glass crystal androgynous acrobat circus show dress-up-game fantasy male

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