Casual Magic Maker 2.0

Casual Magic Maker 2.0

Game by shidabeeda

08.10 HUGE Update! (hoping it's updated... qmq)

the file is large so it may take some time to load lol

Elemental powers added (and a wand!)~~

More curly hairstyles~

chest binders and top surgery scars as requested on twiiter~

Different hand poses, backgrounds, and overlays~

and I fixed a few things that were bugging me lol

And much more! feel free to use for icons (with credit, please)!

If you have any request/things you'd like to see in the near future, let me know on Twitter @shidabeedagames~

Tags: low-fantasy witch casual dress-up-game male goth modern-fashion

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Not usable in Meiker Books

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