Gothic Heroine

Gothic Heroine

Game by elequinoa

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This game features some darker elements, including blood, scars, and other stuff generally associated with horror movies. If it makes you unconfortable, please note that the more “risky” items won’t appear on randomize, and be aware not to click on categories featuring a ⁉️ icon.


Open the gates to this gothic hall and prepare to meet a dramatic Vampire Queen 🩸, a badass Monster Hunter 🗡️ , or a ressourceful Haunted Maiden 📜 …

Features full genetics customization, hair in three parts, matching sets of old timey tops and bottoms, plus additional clothing items to personalize your haunting outfit. And of course, a choice of painted backgrounds and props for story telling purposes 🤩


(Please note that all tops and bottoms will layer together perfectly, while the additional dresses and overcoats might not, sorry about that, but too many silhouettes to make it work 😥 )

Inspired by Van Helsing, Crimson Peak, Tim Burton, Dracula, and many other gothic media vibes… with a couple bonus Easter Eggs as always ;)


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