Portrait of an Asadin

Portrait of an Asadin

Game by zecchou

UPDATE 29/09/2020 THE FUNERARY REGALIA: Silver's here. Silver's really here. Also fixed some layering and added some small stuff.

HOTFIX: Minimal undies and linked hands to main skin colors.

Create your own asadin - a proud, powerful race occupying a large swath of land in the south of the continent. They're swift hunters as much as they are merchants, scholars and leaders. Choose from dozens of facial features (I'm not joking, it's actually dozens), hair styles and colours. Set a scene and dress them in colorful clothing with glittering jewelry, and admire your work.

First portrait meiker. Will be updated with: more hands, maybe more hair, more backgrounds and maybe more clothes.

Post your creations to my twitter (@consort_masami) or the Meiker Discord! <3

Tags: original asadin african supernaturalf fantasy avatar-maker high-fantasy

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