Painting of an Asadin

Painting of an Asadin

Game by zecchou

2021/08/28: Update! We have:

-hair streaks!

-new backgrounds

-some more tops

-bead dresses

-plenty of draggies

Also skimped the underwear just a little so it doesn't cut outside of some clothes and moved whiskers + tail colors to the top of the body mod menu (don't forget them!!)

2021/07/20: Initial release <3

So I caved and made a full body asadin game. Oops. Dress an asadin woman in everything from simple dresses to wrap tops and complex bodysuits. Complete the look with piercings, jewelry and props, then stage a scene from the kingdom of Tambur and the Weda river.

Updates coming: More practical clothes? More props? More backgrounds? Idk I'll think of something

Post your creations to my twitter @consort_masami or in the Meiker discord server <3

Tags: asadin original female supernatural dress-up-game high-fantasy historical

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