Peaches Dollmaker

Peaches Dollmaker

Game by habitscreature

note: Sorry if anyone is looking for the other game, there are some technical issues and hopefully they will be sorted out soon! I will upload it again asap

Please be patient! This is a large game with an insane amount of colour variations! (60 colours for hair!) I really wanted to make a game that would be fun to make characters with!

Thanks for checking out my Dollmaker! this is based on one of my art accounts where I draw magical girls @mysticmagicline. I also have another illustration account but that one is for Fashion Illustration type of thing (@stylizedfashion). And if anyone has any style requests please message me in @mysticmagicline <3


There are 4 types of eyes and since they can't be linked then you will have to get the corresponsing eyelashes to the eye shape(it's all in order so don't worry.)

This is absolutely the first draft, the background isn't even properly set... I plan on updating it soon with more clothing but the I'm pretty close to the upload limit. I may have to scale down the game which will make the photo quality a little less.. We will see how it goes!

I've always wanted to make a dress up game and I was actually trying to learn how to code and publish it(which takes so long so this is a great option!).

Have fun! xoxo

Tags: chibi anime kawaii cute-fashion avatar cc oc doll dollmaker blythe pulip dress-up-game modern-fashion

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