Six queens dressup

Six queens dressup

Game by lightleckrereins

[Update: 07/05/22] Layering and error fixes

[Update: 04/09/22] New and updated costumes including silver, new hairsyles, many new boots, a new hair menu to make everything easier to find, fixed errors.

[Update: 03/30/21] Fixed errors, new skin colors, new hairstyles, many new ways to customize the face, new and missing costumes, new accesories, separated underlayer in two different menus to allow more choices

Divorced, beheaded, dressup!

Based on the hit musical, dress up the six queens! Create all the queens, do yourself, or even create your sixsona.

This game includes all the costume updates and variations (with a few fun extras) to mix and match plus multiple skin colors, hairstyles and facial features so you can make your queens as diverse as you want.

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