Cyberpunk Character Creator! (2.1)

Cyberpunk Character Creator! (2.1)

Game by dedevilish

An improved version of one of my very first games on here!

Taking inspiration from multiple cyberpunk sources, concept art, and pinterest looks, you can use a number of combinations to create an original character from the genre. Will you be a street punk? A corporate mogul? An edgy gangmember?

(Update 2.0: More of a little bit of everything, including shoes now!)

(Update 2.1: Another batch of a little bit of everything! New skin tones, hairs & hair colors, and accessories + some updated art on previous ones. Large file, may take a minute to load!)

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Tags: futuristic sci-fi cyberpunk punk future dedevilish dystopia dystopian character-creator goth avatar-maker science-fiction modern-fashion

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