Regency Scenery

Regency Scenery

Game by elequinoa

[17/01/2021] : Update with: 3 new backgrounds, companion outfits, more dresses, and several items here and there. Have fun :)

[14/01/2021] : Initial release


Design your own Regency outfit, accessorize accordingly, and take a stroll with your companions in one of my painted sceneries :)

Inspired by Bridgerton, Emma, Pride and Prejudice (and Zombies cause it's my favourite brand of stupid), and general regency aesthetic, this dress up game does NOT aim to be historically accurate.

Have fun with it :D

(and let me know if you found all of the Easter Eggs... hehehe)


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Enjoy :)

Tags: regency empire bridgerton emma pride-and-prejudice jane-austen elequinoa female multiple-characters male dress-up-game historical high-fantasy

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