Cyber Character

Cyber Character

Game by elequinoa

[12/09]: Initial release

[19/09]: Update with more clothes, colors, and more!


Design your own V from Cyberpunk 2077, give Commander Shepard a makeover, dress up like Leeloo, or borrow Takeshi Kovacs' backpack ;)

You can make a character sheet complete with full body, portrait, and written profile. But be careful of the nasty hackers and their glitches.... ;)

Feel free to edit the final picture to write in your own info. /!\ But don't remove my signature please!!!!!! And do not claim the art as yours. Thank you!

TAG ME @elequinoa when sharing on social media! :)

The font I used is called "VCR OSD Mono" on by Riciery Leal // Glitches by Macrovector on // Pictures from

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Enjoy :)

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