Dream Horse Maker v1.12

Dream Horse Maker v1.12

Game by nash12

Dream Horse Maker v1.12

Hey! Before you start the game here's a tip:

-Some markings, like the dapples and pangares work better with different coat colors, so make sure to try them all out!

-There is a background with a sheet so you can turn the horse you made into an OC by giving them a name/birthday/etc! Just save the image to your device and write on the lines!

If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see/add let me know! Dm me on Instagram at @inkyetherium or Discord (nash12#7129)

Anyways, thanks for playing! Hopefully I will add a lot more things in the future (for example, wings, horns, western tack etc) but this version is fairly simple. So enjoy! <3


(P.S. It would make my day if you posted your favorite horses on Instagram using the hashtag #dreamhorsemaker !)

Game Info/Updates:

Version: 1.00 (9/20/21)

No updates

Version: 1.12: (10/18/21)

-Added Pegasus and Bat wings

-Added Leg Feathers

-Added the Fjord style mane

-Added Unicorn horns

-Made the canvas smaller due to size limits

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