Lavender Valley Character Creator

Lavender Valley Character Creator

Game by zecchou

UPDATE 2020/05/14: More @#!£. Just kidding! There's new new clothes, new accessories, new body options (as promised) and something that's beginning to look like a background overhaul. Credit to Elequinoa for first utilizing the pick-and-mix background elements. I have filched that now. It's going to overload this game and make it a monstrous size, but it's worth it.

TO BE ADDED: More background items. And anything I feel like.

[post your creations or send suggestions to my twitter: @consort_masami <3]

UPDATE 2020/04/27: Added a bunch of random stuff. New headpieces (as requested), as well as new additions to: shirts, skirts, dresses, cloaks, coats and random accessories here and there.

Another creation from yours truly, and this one portals you straight into an infinite underground castle. Equally infinite are its' entertainment opportunities and the risks to never leave. The fashion is outrageously gorgeous, and no expense is spared when it comes to dressing yourself in the Valley. There are silks, heavy brocade, embroidery, gold, pearls and jewels aplenty, along with some potentially strange accessories.

This might take a bit to load. A bunch of *shaded* assets this time so I'd imagine it takes a bit more power to handle them.

Tags: original character-creator character-maker female victorian fantasy fancy goth dress-up-game high-fantasy historical

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