Naye'vi Creator

Naye'vi Creator

Game by zecchou

Welcome to the Ice Wastes, or as the natives call it, the Land of Ice and Smoke. It's horribly translated from their tongue, but it will do. Here they dress in heavy, fur-lined and richly embroidered robes, a plethora of gemstones, metals and leather. The Naye'vi are known for their extraordinary headwear and colorful attire.

[TIP: I actually recommend pressing Randomize for the makeup.)

Intro aside, this game has a catch. You can have both genders! But you'll quickly notice that it doesn't make much difference. Nayve'vi fashion is entirely unisex. This race varies little in physical appearance, so they resort to clothes to make themselves stand out.

It's unlikely that this game will be getting any major updates, but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Tags: fantasy original unisex arctic dress-up-game historical high-fantasy

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