Andro Princx Creator [version 1.5]

Andro Princx Creator [version 1.5]

Game by tsukhood

VS 1.5: protective styles [box braids and locs, loose and tied back], hearing aids in 5 swatches, walking canes in 5 swatches, eyeliner pack in 4 swatches, vampire fangs, Siouxsie Sioux makeup kit, 3 headcover sets in 5+swatches

Some info about gameplay:

-Most categories permit you to mix-and-match inside them. That means you need to click each item icon to get rid of it-otherwise you'll end up putting the entire category on the doll!

-If an item has multiple swatches of one colour, that means that colour is the dominant one but details will be different, it's not repeated!

Create a princelike gender non-conforming character in a dark and elegant palette.

Choose between the timeless flowy drapes of Ancient Greek inspiration, the edginess of post punk culture and the striking shapes of designs based on the universe of high fashion.

Mix and match dresses, harnesses, coats and accessories in black, white, red, silver and gold.

Adorn your character in outrageous loads of gold and silver jewelry.

Finish your creation putting your character in whimsical and mysterious backgrounds.

For more art visit @tsukhood in Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr

Have a nice adventure. ♥

Tags: androgynous royalty haute-couture lgbtq boy girl alternative villain nonbinary drag-queen dress-up-game goth modern-fashion male

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