Fantasy Character Maker (v0.7.4) Maelle Marylloup

Fantasy Character Maker (v0.7.4) Maelle Marylloup

Game by maelle-marylloup

!! It can takes a bit of time to load due to the items numbers !!

This is the first version with a few pieces but I'm working on it and will add content frenquently ! (I try to make one update every month)

If you like my art style, go check my Insta acount and share me your creations !! :

[FR] Une première version avec quelques éléments pour le moment mais j'ajoute du contenu régulièrement ! (j'essaye d'ajouter du contenu chaques mois)

N'hésitez pas a venir voir le reste de mes illustrations sur Instagram et n'hésitez pas a me montrer vos créations !! :

V 0.7.4 (04/09/22) : new body scars, eyebrows and grey skin color (+42 items)

V (24/08/22) : added a bald option

V (17/08/22) : add 3 new tops + 1 new hair cut (+85 items total)

V (22/07/22) : add "Halo" pack (+156 items)

V 0.7.3 (02/07/22): +8 hair colors/ New eyes (+ cat pupil)/ one new outfit / eyeshadow

V 0.7.2 (02/06/22): +298 items! includin 3 complete outfits froms dtiys challenge (all hosted by @karenyumilusted @nty.jen @rainymage), somes misc clothes for more choices and WINGS ! (yes finally)

V 0.7.1 (15/05/22) : +7 special hair/bangs/side hair/eyebrows color +5 new eyes color +9 new mouth in 5 colors each +30 new BG +15 BG items and some new horns and items rework ^^

V 0.7 (19/04/22) : Big update with 8 color variant for EACH haircut/bangs/eyebrows etc. + 6 eye in 5 colors each, new eyebrows and some adjustments in many items for a better match ^^

V 0.6.2 (29/03/22) : two more outfits insipired by the Larizus Art challenge and some minor bug correction (+ 79 items & color variant)

V 0.6.1 (04/03/22) : special update with items and outfits inspired by an amazing challenge hosted by the talented (Instagram) go check her work and have fun with these new possibilities ;)

Mises a jour // updates :

v 0.6 : 19/01/22

v 0.5.2 : 20/12/21

v 0.5 : 11/12/21

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