Casual Fairy Maker - Remastered

Casual Fairy Maker - Remastered

Game by divine-lyn

Welcome back to the Casual Fairy Maker! Now with a fresh coat of paint! Much like the original Guardian Fairy Maker, there was a lot about the original Casual Fairy Maker that I was disappointed with. So I decided to give this game the same treatment; featuring a ton of new clothes and accessories taken from the first four seasons of the show.

I hope you enjoy all the improvements as you dress up your fairy in her school clothes to go with her fairy forms!

Have you got comments, questions, or suggestions? You can shoot me a message over any of my socials. I'd also love to see your creations! Feel free to send those to me too!

Discord: divinelyn

Tumblr: divine-lyn

Twitter: @LynDoesLife


13/02/2024: Minor update to add the same new hair pieces and headscarves that were added to Guardian Fairy Maker.

Tags: winx-club fairy creator divine-lyn cute princess magical-girl dress-up-game fantasy

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