Mermaid Maker

Mermaid Maker

Game by elequinoa

07 may 2020: New format!

Adapted the frame to hopefully fit better in mobile.

Added new colors for all tops, new legs, new accessories, adjusted some items here and there.


Just in time for Mermay, create your own Mermaid, with different sets of skin details, fish tails, and accessories.

You can create a classic, Disney style mermaid, a melusine, selkie, or even naga and octopus! And a pair of legs for when your mermaid walks on land of course.

Finish you creation with a "build-a-background" category, where you can mix and match items to make your own scene.

Enjoy! :)

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Tags: mermaid mermay merfolk elequinoa female aquatic selkie naga octopus siren dress-up-game high-fantasy animals

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