Power Princess

Power Princess

Game by elequinoa

30/05/2020 : Third release

I've added: items in almost every category, new colors, weapons, magic, you will have to browse through everything to see for yourself!

Last update for a while. You should have everything to make your very own #sherasona ! :)

Inspired by the Netflix show, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, recreate the iconic characters or make your very own princess of power!

You can mix and match the items from the characters outfits, including the original 80s designs, the Netflix reboot, and characters from He-Man.

This game includes a wide variety of hair (front and back pieces, 12 colors), body elements (tails, ears, wings, hand pose, 13 colors) and lots of fun clothing items to chose from to make your own design!

The backgrounds are from the show.

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Tags: she-ra princess power female magical-girl superhero fantasy spop elequinoa dress-up-game science-fiction high-fantasy

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