Glam Witch

Glam Witch

Game by elequinoa

[10/10/2021] : Initial release


[Warning for tiny amount of blood]

Light up a nice background for ambiance, then add a cool haircut into the cauldron. Stir it up with cool tattoos... 1,2,3... Mix and match tops and bottoms to create the perfect witchy outfit! Pepper in some stamps, then add a splash of accessories to finish off the look! Tadaa, your witch is done :)

Inspired by The Addams Family, Elvira, Beetlejuice, witchy aesthetic in general... Find all my references on Pinterest.

Have fun with it :D

(Advice: the game was designed with an all black outfit in mind, so it's best played with all the black elements for the best result.)


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Enjoy :)

Tags: witch halloween elvira morticia-addams wednesday-addams lydia-deetz lily-munster lady-dimistrescu magic witchcraft elequinoa female dress-up-game goth modern-fashion

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