PendulumWing's Dress Up Game

PendulumWing's Dress Up Game

Game by pendulumwing

Update 2: Technically this would be considered my fourth update? I dunno, but I didn't get a chance to properly update my description last time I updated the game. Anyways, I've added some new things, check it out!

Update 1: I've made some adjustments to where Pendy is placed on screen! Hopefully you'll be able to see her on mobile devices now. If not, then I will change it again. I also added more clothing color options for the shoes, shirts, and even the option to change what color ear rings Pendy wears! WOW!


"Oh no, I can't decide on what to wear! Help me pick a casual outfit!"


This is my first ever Dress Up Game!!! This feautures my original character, Pendulum Wing! (You can call her Pendy for short.) Now that I know what I'm doing I'm hoping to make more detailed, polished ones in the future! Hope you enjoy!




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