BJD Meiker

BJD Meiker

Game by zecchou

2021/05/31: v2.0 MERMAY RELEASE!

Surprise mermay update on the last day <3

We added:

-mermaid tail & fins


-watery backgrounds

-new body customization (limbs, details)

-some new accessories (crowns & glasses, among others)

-traditional clothes (Japanese, Russian, Slovene)

-new clothes in general

-one new fringe

2021/02/25: v1.0 Initial release! <3

Make your own customized ball-jointed doll! Pick each individual body part, and mix and match the colors. Top it off with a stylish wig and clothes, and it's ready to be put in display for a gorgeous photoshoot!

**This is a collab game between zecchou and Kipali. **

Concept, tagging, buttons: Kipali (twitter: @AkoKipali)

Art: zecchou (twitter: @master_zecchou)

Put your suggestions and creations in the Meiker discord or by tagging us on Twitter <3

Tags: doll bjd lolita modern hanfu girl boy nonbinary dress-up-game historical modern-fashion

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