Wanderer Character Creator

Wanderer Character Creator

Game by zecchou

2020/06/10: Sea Scoundrel Update

The pirate gear! A small amount of movable items. Some proper backgrounds. Socks now exist in the underwear tab. New hair. A vest tab and a hat tab. Just more items in general and more yet to come.

Post your creations and suggestions to my twitter, @consort_masami <3 (or hit me up on the Meiker discord)

UPCOMING: More orc fashion. I promise. Potentially a desert update. And more proper backgrounds too.

After a week or two of doing who knows what, we now have a more classic fantasy-style meiker honed in on a "delightfully mismatched adventurer" look.

This one contains a few races(!), namely humans, orcs and two variations of elves. Each have their unique items (although the orcs are lacking some atm), and the backgrounds are randomized so if you can't pick a race then go after the background blurb.

Tags: fantasy male original elf orc human

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