Trickster Witch Maker

Trickster Witch Maker

Game by divine-lyn

The sister game to the Guardian Fairy Maker: Trickster Witch Maker! Inspired by the iconic Cloud Tower witch trio Icy, Darcy, and Stormy; you can now design your own witch from the Winx universe.

The "build-your-clothes" function of the game is heavly inspired by Hapuriainen's Witch Guardian maker.

Have you got comments, questions, or suggestions? You can shoot me a message over any of my socials. I'd also love to see your creations! Feel free to send those to me too!

Discord: divinelyn

Tumblr: divine-lyn

Twitter: @LynDoesLife


19/01/2024: Fixed layering issue with capes and hair.

Tags: winx-club witch creator divine-lyn cute magical-girl dress-up-game fantasy

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