Cyborg Maker

Cyborg Maker

Game by waffalet

Title says cyborg but you can pretty much just ignore these options if you want to use it as a normal maker :D

Had a lot of fun working on this, hope you like it! Will update with more content soon ^.^

---- Update history ----


- Added a missing color swatch to 2 hairstyles

- Added 8 new hairstyles

- Added 6 new tops

- Added 2 new bottoms

- Added 1 new pair of shoes

- Added 1 new eye type

- Added 1 new unnatural skintone

- Added a couple new robotic parts

- Added 3 new ear types, for layering purposes they're in the earrings category

- Added 3 new nose types

- Added more tattoos

- Added glasses, they don't layer well with a some hairstyles tho :'P

- Moved visors to glasses category

Tags: cyborg android cyberpunk neon robot sci-fi prettycolorsgobrr dress-up-game science-fiction

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