Fairytale Duet - M/M Edition

Fairytale Duet - M/M Edition

Game by elequinoa

Once upon a time.... You know the rest.

Wether it's brothers, lovers, bffs or ennemies, your guys will shine in this M/M version!


Dress up two men in this edition of the Fairytale Duet!

This game will let you customize not one but TWO characters from head to toe, with again the ability to only customize one character if you desire so.

Inspired by one of my favourite TV show ever, Galavant, which should have had six seasons and a movie. And more elements from various fairytale-ish media including The Witcher, Dragon Age, Merlin, Kirikou, and other classics.

Have fun with it :D


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Enjoy :)

Tags: couple men gay lgbt elves human elequinoa galavant fairytale heroes prince dress-up-game fantasy male historical

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