Sue & Herman : Embroidery Art !

Sue & Herman : Embroidery Art !

Game by iwasabird

Meet Sue and Herman, two fellow rag dolls !

Sue is an lively little lady who isn't afraid of throwing herself into new adventures ! Despite her excessive energy, she enjoys her occupation as an embroidery artist to the fullest - and is very meticulous.

You could say that she is a tatoo artist !

Herman is her closest relative and favourite model.

As a rag surgeon, he often helps Sue to patch her up when she damage herself - which happens quite frenquently.

Let's see how the modeling turns out !


Sue & Herman are OC made by @iwas.a.bird on instagram. Feel free to come take a look !

Tags: rag-doll duo duet friends tatoo oc doll dolls dress-up-game male modern-fashion

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