It's an Aesthetic

It's an Aesthetic

Game by blackcatcreations

Oh boy, this one's a doozy

might need a minute to load

Anyway, story time

I've had this file around for possibly a year now? But was able to get back into it and finally finish it! I wanted *options* and had to deal with the concequences of making said options.

This started out because of the jojo gucci collab and then grew into nostalgia about older anime aesthetics. Taking inspiration from anime I grew up with like sailor moon, inuyasha, and nana (one of those is not like the others).

So it's a real mixed bag in here.

I wanted to try out a fun pose and some fun background and design options too. Most facial features should be adjustable so you can adjust facial proportions. I went heavier on coloring options and choice options but I think there is a decent set of basics to mix an match with!

also there's a tree in bg2 that you'll notice. there's a sort of layer sandwich with the leaves. don't mind that, it's supposed to be there.

I hope you have fun, thank you for reading this far!

If you enjoy this game, and want to see more don't be shy to leave a comment!

Tags: fashion 90s-anime nana jjba aesthetic character-creation avatar-maker anime

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