Spaceboi Meiker

Spaceboi Meiker

Game by abnormalcleric

Make a spaced-out space boi. Dumb farm kid staring at sunsets and drinking strangely colored milk? We got that. Dorky rebel fighting a galactic war? We sure got some of that. Awkward teenager learning how to do space magic? We got more of that than we know what to do with.

Updated 9/25

Tired of dressing your space boi up in clothes from his own wardrobe? Now you can raid his best friend's closet (or his sister's). (You can also put him in an ugly orange flight suit because I realized that was missing in the first edition)

Updated 6/27

Now you can put your space boi on Earth in the late 1970s (or at least dress him like it). Patterned shirts, flair pants, and blazers.

More updates coming soon.

Tags: star-wars jedi 1970s dress-up-game male science-fiction

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