The Invisible Fesh

The Invisible Fesh

Game by thedolloverlord

OH BOI! This is my first ever game! Sorry if it's bad...

Now, this game is about one of my OCs- fesh boi. Fesh boi was a dead fish which was accidentally brought back to life as a clear fish monster.

This is his final stage, where he bcame fully humanoid and blended better into society.

Can be used for a personal use, however, not for commercial use.

All the art (except the terrible backgrounds) belongs to me, the background was taken of google images, however, these are blurred very well...

Anyways, I hope you'll have loads of fun with this (it took me ages to finish this terrible thing...), and if there are "bugs" and stuff, I ain't going to fix that....

Also, I dunno if I gonna make another one, still, it was kinda fun, bye!

Tags: poopsy-the-duck monster invisible-fesh clear spooky dress-up-game science-fiction animals

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