This isnt a game, NOW INCLUDING GUIDE

This isnt a game, NOW INCLUDING GUIDE

Game by kipali

We all know our meiker games, and how, cut off they look on phones. Thanks to dear tester's data, we now have the optimal size for vertical games, hurray.

This is a tester. The file is 1200x1200px image. Proportions (height to width) are the same even for smaller games 1000px tall, 800px tall, even the smallest 600px tall games.

I still desire to know what the game looks like, what button sizes are like if you rotate your phones sidways though (you can do that, and can play games that get cut off like that, it's a pain though) So just hide the guide and rotate your phones, show me how much of the bg grid the buttons take up.

Dm me screenshots of what the game looks like on your mobiles, If turned sideways. I have enough vertical position screenies, thx, (in game buttons included) @ these locations



discord too if you're part of the server.

Final end goal is getting enough raw data to figure out which parts of the canvas are least obstructed in all games.

Tags: horrible-misuse-of-meiker sorry-ola now-featuring-less-eye-pain builder science-fiction

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