Pixel Girl

Pixel Girl

Game by kipali

Create your own pixel girl!


Added enough sets to make the new total 50. An lots of new skin tones. New buttons.

I'll also probably leave it at this because. I'm making a new version of this project. But like when i made this version (this being the second version, made one year after the original 2016 version, that had only 12 sets) I'll probably retroactivelly add any new sets i make in the new version to this one too. But First i'll have to redo all these sets for that version. So don't expect it any time soon.


Originally a randomizer I made as an "appearance prompt-idea generator" when I didn't know how a character should look like. Tediouslly randomised by generating numbers and turning on the corresponding layer. This is much easier!

New options are being added, in a fashionably late fashion. Currently at 50 options for faces/hair/shoes/outfit.

People tend to link their social media at the end, so here if you wanna see more from some nobody on the internet<3



Last Updates:

-Mini update! For some reason all the old outfits were off by one pixel, that is now fixed. Also added a new set, making the new total 44.

-Update! Added 4 new sets. Because 4 is my lucky number. More to gome at some point!

Tags: pixelart feminine dress-up-game fantasy modern-fashion science-fiction historical

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