Mages with Layers

Mages with Layers

Game by kipali

Explore the fashion sense of a society full of mages. Well, there are non-mages too, but they don't have as much impact.

Make yourself a little man or woman(it doesn't matter), and dress them up in layers and layers of enchanted cloth. Will they show much skin? Or will they be a literal onion?

The choice is yours!

Shout out to Book of Mages: The dark times, for being the inspiration that then developed into this setting.

Game title might change in the future.

I will probably add some more accessories and magic effects, potentially clothing, likelly hairstyles, unlikelly hair colours, very likelly skin stuff.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or jsut want to show me your lil mage,

Hit me up on my tumblr at

Or you could do so on twitter @AkoKipali

Tags: dress-up-game fantasy male

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