The Mirror

The Mirror

Game by kipali

In the old dark room is a magic mirror.

The mirror is strange yet you can't keep away from it this night. What trick is it playing when the reflection is not a mirror.


Halloween update posted 29, on avarage it takes 2-3 days for games/updates to be approved so I am cutting it close with my halloween mood game.

0.7, the bloody update I added a new pose for the reflected and reflection! (which means all other assets had to be drawn yet again to fit those, if i somehow forgot something(option missing for any pose) tell me asap) Also added, two new hairs(long big wavy hair, and an afro),(added red for the clothes in the colour palette) recoloured the other coat, recoloured some undies, added a baby doll dress in two colours, added one more background in two colours, and added two new colours for the old blank room bg, bg portraits as two items(a single and one group), blood on the ground two versions and a new mirror effect(blood)!

For the future i have planned, more bg stuff, some more outfits, hairs. There are still 3 poses missing(dread), y'all are only getting accessories and shoes once all the poses are done.

Let's see how much of that I do by next halloween. See ya in a year!

If you have any wishes or spooky stuff you want in the game message me in the meiker discord, or send an ask in my tumblr @ako-kipali, or on twitter @AkoKipali

I will add them at a later date, but most definetlly in time for NEXT halloween


If you have a spooky artstyle and want to steal this idea? You have my premission.

Tags: spooky horrible-misuse-of-meiker mirror dress-up-game historical fantasy goth

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