Stellar Soldier Meiker

Stellar Soldier Meiker

Game by mister-ben

Current Version: 1.1

- Increase colour range for all components

- Added colouring for shoulder trim and Aquila Skull

A classic concept with a new paint job!

Stellar Soldier Meiker attempts to return to a time where a certain tool was available from The Bolter and Chainsword forums.

A big thank-you to:

40kresources on deviantart

meiker community on discord

Updates to come in the future:

- More colours

- Varied armour marks

- Optional armaments and decorations/honours

Contact me on discord for more informaton: Mister Ben#0014

Tags: warhammer-40k w40k space-marine space-marine-painter bolter-and-chainsword primaris horus-heresy army-painter colour-scheme color-scheme livery avatar-maker dress-up-game science-fiction male

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