Rooted Magic Character Meiker

Rooted Magic Character Meiker

Game by zecchou

2022/11/23: Initial release.

Step into a classic fantasy world where the seas are vast, political intrugue is rampant, and magic is inherited. Take yourself through most of the Mainland via their fashion of richly dyed and layered dresses, or travel on a boat to the Empire of Varatha to partake in unique skirts and vests. Top off your look with glittering jewelry and items, weapons, and arcane manifestations to showcase your power.

Well gee golly this took a while. Not only does this game have a lot of update space, but I will be making a male counterpart to it that's going to be hopefully equally as developed when I'm done with these two. Enjoy~

The lore primer in the game is a little awkward and I will fix it at a later date.

TBA: Armor, more clothes as a whole but in particular more of the southern continent stuff, more pants and tops. Alchemist things. More backgrounds.

Post your creations and suggestions to:

my Twitter @consort_masami

my Tumblr @zecchou

or the Discord Meiker server <3

Tags: female original dress-up-game fantasy historical

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