POP! Dress Up

POP! Dress Up

Game by criaha

This is my first time making a dress up game! This game was made for the wonderful people in the Poptropica community as a holiday gift, but all are free to use it!

As you can tell, Poptropica heavily inspired this game! I and many others love Poptropica to bits and I wanted to pay homage to it and make it a gift to the community! So I hope y'all like it!

If you use it, please credit me as criaha on Tumblr and Deviantart or criahacesium on Instagram and Twitter!

Also credit to edisons-emporium on Tumblr, sodawisp on Instagram, missyeligon on Tumblr and fluffysebsebby on Instagram for helping out with the backgrounds!

Please enjoy and if you have any questions please send them my way!

EDIT: if you plan to use the leather jacket- it has two modes, one that works with the sweater and one that does not make sure you use the right one if you choose it! thank you!

Tags: poptropica casual games dress-up-game modern-fashion

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