Skykid Maker

Skykid Maker

Game by picturalaetus

A dress-up game inspired by Sky: Children of the Light. Follow @skykidmaker on Instagram for news about updates.

V1.2 4/9/23 update:

- Days of Bloom added (3 capes, 1 hair, 1 outfit, 1 background, 3 stamps) + a few random items

- Removed background stamps category (it didn't work)

- Changed the primary lineart color

- fixed a couple items

V1.1 3/25/23 update:

- Season of Dreams added (4 capes, 2 outfits, 4 masks, 3 hairs, 1 hair accessory, 2 stamps, 1 background) + a few random cosmetics

- New categories: foreground/background stamps, hair accessories, and necklaces

- Changed the primary lineart color + the main cape shape

- fixed a couple items

V1.0 3/13/23 release: base game + a few random cosmetics

Tags: skykid sky-children-of-the-light video-game cute chibi dress-up-game avatar-maker fantasy

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