Dressup Iaci

Dressup Iaci

Game by ph0ala

Dress up the half-elf Iaci in a variety of outfits, including a Hogwarts uniform, casual and formal wear, and armor! Originally planned to add onto this as time went on, but the laptop this file was on crashed and I lost the save info. So, any issues there currently are with the game are no longer fixable for me u.u

Update - 6/24/20 - Added more hair styles and shoes

Updated - 8/29/20 - Had a few issues with the new clothing options I added not showing up so I got that fixed. Currently, however, there is still an issue with two of the added hairstyles not showing up when clicked. Other than that, everything should work as intended!

Tags: iaci oc dnd ph0ala half-elf female high-fantasy dress-up-game fantasy

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