The Night Sky

The Night Sky

Game by bubimir

Update 6/24/22: I have added two of the suggestions I received from the community: Shorter lines and premade star clusters/constellations without lines! Hopefully this makes it easier!

A sticker-based game like the painting games by Kipali and Diffrances, except your materials are stars, lines, and clouds of space dust. Create beautiful constellations for your fantasy world, put yourself in the role of an ancient astronomer gazing up at the sky, or construct geometric, twinkling artworks to your heart's content! This also might be good for phone wallpapers, though I'm not sure after having to resize the canvas for Meiker. Ah well, live and learn.


Please don't use my games to make a point. Diverse characters are welcome, but I draw the line at directly or allegorically referring to real-world debate topics and ideologies. Thank you for respecting me.


Please use this game with care and not as a means to harass people in any capacity, including in the contexts of parody, criticism, and activism/calling people out in general.


Give credit to my account if you post images from my games outside of Meiker. You can use these to help you design things for commercial projects, but don’t sell or claim the images or designs that are straight from the game.


Editing the image in an external program is fine, but the creation and use of the edited images must still follow these rules. To be clear, you may take credit for the edits you made, but I still count the edited image as being partially mine because it was made in my game.

Thank you for showing respect towards me by reading and following the rules! Here’s a music recommendation thematically relevant to the game!

"Above the Northern Lights" - Mannheim Steamroller

Tags: space night-sky stars constellations painting-game stamp-game sticker-game stamps stickers nebula experimental test-game builder science-fiction fantasy

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