Lirael's Closet

Lirael's Closet

Game by ph0ala

Dress up the assimar, Lirael!

This is actually a D&D character of mine. I decided to make this for both a reference and for fun. It's pretty small and simple right now, but I will definitely be updating this when I've added more to it.

03/29/21- Added more clothing and armor options!

Next Update: 04/01/21- Last update for a little bit. I keep drawing things and immediately wanting to add them oops- This update contains a few misc things. Some new backgrounds, wings and halos, and a handful of new hair and clothing options

If you like this, feel free to check me out on deviantart! My UN is phoenix509 ^^/

Tags: dnd d-and-d original-character oc lirael phoala phoenix509 aasimar dress-up-game high-fantasy

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