Veresiine's Character Creator v 1.3.1

Veresiine's Character Creator v 1.3.1

Game by veresiine

Create and dress up a character in a mix of modern and historical clothing. Has a flat chested option for almost all items, as well as a few fantasy items and a few pride items thrown in.

A big game, so please be patient while it loads!

Please credit and Veresiine when sharing!

Updated March 27, 2020 with jewelry, more armor, pink and purple hair, belts, and shawls.

Updated April 26, 2020 with hats, cloaks, hoodies, coats, short sleeves, gloves, masks, and some hair accessories.

Minor update June 29, 2020 with tattoos, a new shirt, and two new skin colors.

I'm too busy to update soon, but I plan to eventually add pigtails, makeup, more shirts, and more outerwear.

Tags: fantasy elves male dress-up-game modern-fashion high-fantasy