LGBTQ+ Fantasy Face Maker v1.3

LGBTQ+ Fantasy Face Maker v1.3

Game by veresiine

Create an avatar with some fantasy race features (elf ears, horns, fangs, etc.) and dress them up. Plenty of LGBTQ+ pride options but plenty of other options too!

May take a long time to load so please be patient.

Note: White color option for clothing corresponds to rainbow.

Note 2: There are more than 8 colors for skin and hair so you can scroll for more!

Update December 3

-Added expression options for human eyebrows (sorry, elves!)

-Added two mouth expressions into the fangs/tusks folder

-Ears should now change color with body, and about half the hair options should have the same color as well (side front hair and extras like ponytails can be a different color and are not linked)

Update November 9

-Added 3 new bangs options, 1 new main hair option, and 2 new facial hair options.

-Fixed issues with gold intersex pendant and black turtleneck sweater

-Added full color palettes for shawls and long-sleeve V-necks

-Made the rest of the hair palettes make sense

Please credit and Veresiine when sharing!

If there's an item or option you really want to see me add, please don't hesitate to contact me on tumblr or twitter (I am veresiine on both platforms). I don't have any specific items planned to update this game with as I'm busy with a new game, but I can still take requests!

Tags: lgbtqia fantasy male elves avatar-maker high-fantasy

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