BE BOLD (wip)

BE BOLD (wip)

Game by seabream

Hi! This is a test upload of my first game, a Y2K dress up inspired by the likes of Barbie, Bratz, and Lisa Frank. It's a bit wonky right now as I am pretty new to digital art, but I plan on cleaning it up and adding LOTS more items in the near future! Please let me know of any issues you encounter while playing. Enjoy!

Update 6/18:

Lots of new items and color ways! Finally added some jewelry and accessories. Genetics and hair are still kinda bare bones and inconsistent, but I'm working on it. I did run into some issues with uploading the backgrounds, so unfortunately the only option right now is plain white. Hopefully I can post an update with backgrounds soon.

Tags: y2k 90s glam casual dress-up-game modern-fashion

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