Candyland Girl Dress Up

Candyland Girl Dress Up

Game by kmstonearts

The character in this dress up game is Lolee, a female character from not mine but one of my fellow university students' short story about a young girl who gains the magical power to turn her surroundings into confectionaries but only for a few days. Having been bestowed this power by a local witch. So yes, feel free to mix and match from the different accesories, clothes, backgrounds I created, to design a cool and stylish look for Lolee to fit your taste. Hope you have lots of fun. This dress up game was made with much love.

Tags: candy candyland lolee girldressup sweets story illustrativeartwork storyartwork cookies macarons chocolate candyfloss caramel fruitpastilles fruitysweets cake confectionary dress-up-game fantasy

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