Pirate Make Up Game

Pirate Make Up Game

Game by tackyjosei

When One Piece released a make up collection back in Fall 2020, I was really disappointed at the lack of diversity in the models that did the official lipstick swatches on Instagram. I felt like it made it difficult for One Piece fans to figure out which lipstick shade would look best with their skin tone.

So I've made my own game where you can select your own foundation shade (60+ shades available) and see which One Piece lipstick color would suit you best. The model in the game is inspired by a cross between Usopp from One Piece (who has the BEST lips for swatching lipsticks) and the Sailor Moon drawing challenge that went viral in March 2020.

Tags: one-piece sailor-moon anime manga makeup beauty pirate usopp lipstick foundation shu-uemura mac-cosmetics builder modern-fashion

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