Magical Girl Transformation Meiker

Magical Girl Transformation Meiker

Game by sapphandra-nox

After I made the Magical Girl Transformation Scene Creator, which I was bit disappointed in, I decided to do this theme again. I absolutely love watching Magical Girl Transformations. This time, I tried to put more stuff into the game. I was inspired by Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Powerpuffgirls Z, various Precure Seasons like Yes! Precure 5, Fresh Precure, Suite Precure, Go! Princess Precure and Hirogaru Sky Precure, and I also was inspired by non japanese Magical Girl Shows like Winx Club and Lolirock.

I made a pose I like more for the body and added new effect types. I also added stages for the transformation, since I like to do them in my animations.

I hope you like it.

Tags: sailor-moon precure yes-precure fresh-precure suite-precure go-princess-precure hirogaru-sky-precure powerpuffgirls-z puella-magi-madoka-magica winx-club lolirock transformation henshin magical-girl mecha fairy pretty-guardian-sailor-moon dress-up-game avatar-maker anime fantasy

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