Unofficial Meiker Tutorial Game

Unofficial Meiker Tutorial Game

Game by kipali

A tutorial game for meiker. Please play this on a desktop and not phone.


Yellow (The basic necessities)

-[fixed][optional][mixed][icon] tags

Orange (junior advanced)



Pink (senior advanced)



Blue (Complex things for better games)



-Control how randomize works. Kinda

Green (Changable poses/body types and whatever more!)(and stamps)

-Color-picker as Shape picker


Red (ERROR explanations)

1)if the site crashes when uploading a game USE FIREFOX ITS GOOD I PROMISE, be patient

2)MAX and MIN game sizes

3) "unknown type" error

4) "no options in the menu?"

5) "icon image not found"

6) "categories are missing"

7) "can't load image from layer" "invalid rbg color"

8) "duplicate rbg color"

9) "unknown tag"

10) "color global not working"

11) "duplicate ref" "undefined ref"

12) "layer needs to be the same type of mirror ref" "Cant load image from layer"

13) "need the same number of the children of mirror ref" "[mirror:x][color-picker] is not valid"

14) "My game got rejected!"

15) pls join discord server for more questions

Tags: horrible-misuse-of-meiker tutorial ola-now-knows-why-i-asked-her-to-reject-that-one-draft builder science-fiction

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